Are you learning Chinese? You want to master the Chinese language, but can’t find good and interesting reading materials that fit your current level? 

This website is made for students learning the Chinese language. We have a huge collection of Chinese stories , news, and articles from all over the world (China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao etc…) The reading materials are categorized and reformatted according to their level of grammar and vocabulary, all according to the HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) standard.
We have ancient tales and modern stories, as well as articles based on current events. We want to ignite the student’s passion for the Chinese language, while deepening their understanding of Chinese culture, economy, and society. If you spend one hour per day reading the writings on this website, your Chinese comprehension will quickly go from beginner’s to intermediate level.
We categorize our articles according to the official standards set by HSK, and carefully explain the meaning and usage of the vocabulary words using definitions and example sentences. If you plan on taking the HSK examination, our articles will no doubt be of great help to you.
If you already have a basic level of Chinese comprehension, long-term reading of our articles will help you learn Chinese even faster.
In addition to HSK standard, our collection of writings also include modern, everyday vocabulary words and idioms- such as popular sayings, and internet jargons. Through these, you will learn the most modern and authentic Chinese. Are articles are available in both simplified and traditional Chinese, and even Pinyin version. This is to accommodate readers of various needs.
The speed of the narrator in our audio files is also according to the HSK standard. New articles and their audio files are updated daily(Mon.,Wed.,Fri.-elementary or lower intermediate level articles, Tues.,Thur.,Sat.-intermediate level articles). Readers can print out the articles, lessons, and download the audio files. Your level of Chinese will drastically improve in a year’s time with just one hour of studying per day,
This is a small and intimate website in the vast cyberspace. If you have any questions after reading and listening to our content, feel free to contact me. I will respond to your queries ASAP.
About me
A native speaker of the Chinese language, I was an editor at a Chinese publishing company for three years, and have twelve years of experience as a reporter for major Chinese newspapers and magazines. In addition to being an experienced Chinese writer, I am also a certified Chinese language teacher.
I find the biggest problem facing students of the Chinese language is the lack of reading materials for different levels. As a result, students cannot improve their level of Chinese through the reading of good articles, which I think is a pity.
My specialty is creating articles for different levels of students– incorporating the appropriate vocabulary, grammar, and idioms—according to the HSK examination standard. My website will be updated weekly(Mon.,Wed.,Fri.-elementary or lower intermediate level articles, Tues.,Thur.,Sat.-intermediate level articles), with articles for students of various levels studying Chinese.
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